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Sounds from my audio journey.

Dedicated to Libby and Marcel of Free To Use Sounds who inspired me to begin recording.

Sound Notes

Audio is 4800 Hz Stereo, 24-bit, MP3 320 Kbps CBR - placed on page within the HTML5 Audio Control set to show Controls and Loop. Because of loop, stop one sound before playing another. Sound will play on mobile even when locking screen, good for playing longer recordings when going to sleep. Sounds are not provided for use; they are meant to be listened to from Yenra Radio. Copyright 2020 Yenra Radio.

Effervescent ASMR

2021-01-05-18-23-42-effervescent - Effervescent antacid plop and fizz in water recorded with Lom Uši Pro Microphones above & Ambient Recording ASF-2 MKII Hydrophone within. Video on YouTube: Effervescent Bubbles Hydrophone ASMR

Waterfall Underwater

2020-07-03-09-55-26-waterfall-underwater - Under a Waterfall with Ambient Recording ASF-2 MKII Hydrophone.
Waterfall Underwater Waveform

Waterfall Above and Below

2020-07-03-09-13-16-waterfall - Waterfall, Ambient and Hydrophone.

Book Spinner - Contact Microphone

2020-06-20-11-57-13-book-spinner - Book Spinner Contact Microphone. Recorded with AKG Pro Audio C411 PP and Zoom H6 in an antique store.

Knife Sharpening

2020-08-02-07-39-39-knife-sharpening - Knife Sharpening, Contact Microphone. AKG 411P and Lom mikroUši for Ambient. Sypderco Sharpmaker. Sharpening a Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight.

Garbage Truck

2020-06-30-06-33-39-garbage-truck - Garbage Truck in a Suburban Neighborhood. Truck gets closer, stops at three houses before it stops right in front, then goes to the next two houses. Squeaks, birds.

October Morning Ambience

2020-10-23-09-38-46-birds-dog - Morning Birds, Distant Dog. Ambience captured with Lom Uši Pro.

Snow Melt

2020-12-17-13-17-26-snow-melt - Snow Melt Dripping Off Roof, Drops of Water and Bits of Ice Falling on Ground, Wood, and Metal, Dog Barking. Regular sharp tapping drips. Microphone: Lom Uši Pro with Zoom H6.

Mountain Stream

2020-09-06-08-57-17-stream-ambient-hydrophone - Mountain Stream Above and Below. Gorgeous soothing underwater sound recorded with Ambient Recording ASF-2 MKII Hydrophone.


2020-07-30-10-34-32-hospital-er-room - Hospital Emergency Room Side Area.

From the Water

2020-07-25-07-33-52-bird-echo - Barn Swallow Echo Under Monocacy Aqueduct.

Contact Microphone

2020-06-20-22-17-18-contact - AKG 411P Contact Microphone recording a spinny metal thing.


2020-06-25-15-41-48-hydrophone - Ambient Recording ASF-2 MKII Hydrophone in a mountain stream.


2020-06-22-19-20-26-rain-thunder - Zoom H6 out on porch in rain, with water on clear roof and surfaces and gentle thunder. Bird song when rain slows down.

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